ATC is a small minority owned company specializing in coatings that offer a wide variety of solutions for difficult wear and corrosion problems. ATC's Heat Treating services offer heat treatment covering a range of materials, specializing in advanced engineering alloys, like Grade 91, that require very precise control of temperature. 


    CES is a division of ATC offering a broad range of engineering services that include industry experts in metallurgy, failure analysis, and advanced materials Metallurgical lab testing and research (Grade 91 material development with ORNL). Combustion Engineering Solutions are experts in Boiler and HRSG design, retrofit, and material supply Project Management.  With over 300 years of experience in the industry CES is a ISO 9001 Certified company that strives to support the commercial success of our clients by providing superior technical services and problem-solving capabilities covering all materials-related issues in as timely and cost-effective manner as possible.   

What We Do


  • Failure Analysis
  • Condition Assessments
  • Material Characterization
  • Welding Metallurgy
  • Fitness for Service
  • Pressure Parts & Piping (Engineering - Design)
  • Structural Steel (Engineering - Design)
  • Ducts (Engineering - Design)
  • Construction (Engineering - Design)
  • Heat Treatment
  • Flame Hardening
  • Diffusion Coatings
  • Thermal Spray

Current Projects

Elimination of Steam Side Scaling on Grade 91 Material


The overall objective of the project is to significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of existing coal-fired power plants under flexible operating conditions by deploying a technology to modify the surface chemistry of creep-strength-enhanced steel tubing to substantially improve its steam-side oxidation resistance at a cost and scale that enables its ready acceptance for use by the power generation industry.

Chromizing Seamless Tubing


All tubing being supplied will be chromized by the diffusion process and will maintain thickness of chromium enriched layer of .010". There will be a minimum chromium content of 25% of the outer surface of the tube.

Exhaust Pipe Weld Analysis


 A section of exhaust piping removed from a power facility for metallurgical analysis. According to the background information furnished with the sample, the cracking in the exhaust pipe for was detected at the pipe-to-flange weld joint after only a short time in service. It was believed that the exhaust pipe had been fabricated from an austenitic stainless steel, but the specific grade of stainless steel was not identified by the supplier. The purpose of the examination is to determine why the exhaust pipe had cracked after such a short time in service. 

HRSG Superheater P91 Lower Header


 A section of header piping removed from a power facility for metallurgical analysis.  According to the background information furnished with the header, one of the superheater tubes ruptured and during follow up inspection it was found that numerous nipple to the header welds cracked on the P91 side of the welds.  


Who We Are

Engineering - Materials


 With more than 300 years accumulated experience in energy-related industries, the materials and welding engineers at ATC-CES can provide assistance with or overall management of a broad array of projects, from root cause investigations to explain failures of critical components to the development and implementation of risk-based inspection programs for high energy piping systems to the planning and execution of weld repairs on major CSEF pressure parts (e.g., Grade 91). 

Engineering - Design


  Providing professional Boiler and HRSG Engineering Solutions and Material for the Utiity, Pulp and Paper Market with Integrity, Customer Focus, and Speed with a Goal to keep Steam Generation Safe, Reliable, and Competitive 

Codes & Standards


 Metallurgical Consulting, Litigation Support, Training (Metallurgy, Welding Engineering, NDE, Heat Treatment), Engineering Project Management, Assistance with Codes and Standards  

Thermal Spray


 Extendalloy - Nickel Based Tungsten Carbide and Nickel Based Chromium Carbide Alloys applied by thermal spray. Thermal spray is a process whereby harder, more corrosion resistant, or tougher materal is applied as a coating to a base metal. We can spray any commonly specified engineering material. ATC can provide traditional powder spray, spray-and-fuse, HVOF, plasma spray, and twin-arc. 

Heat Treating


Specializing in heat treatment of advanced pressure part alloys with over 175 years of experience.  Offering all types of services including, qeunch and tempering, normalizing, annealing, solution annealing, stabilization annealing, stress-relieving, post-weld heat treatment, precipitation hardening, and flame hardening.  ATC-CES has received the necessary permits to clean polymer-infused components.

Diffusion Coatings


 Chromized boiler components that provide similar properties of 310 SS with minimal increase in cost of Carbon Steel.  Most effective in high heat and corrosive areas of the power plant.    


Jeff Henry - Co-Owner / President / COO

Mr. Henry's professional experience has been concentrated on the service performance of power plant materials, with particular focus on high temperature behavior, welding, manufacturing, and the Creep Strength-Enhanced Ferritic Steels, such as Grade 91.  He has authored over 60 technical papers, is an ASME Fellow and is active on a number of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code technical committees.  He is the former chair of BPV II, the Materials Standards Committee, and he currently chairs the Working Group on Creep Strength-Enhanced Ferritic Steel.  He also is a member of BPV I (Power Boilers), the Management Oversight Technical Committee (TOMC) and the Board of Pressure Vessel Technology.



Dr. Gang (Joe) Zhou - Chief Metallurgical Engineer

Dr. Zhou is a graduate of University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a doctorate in welding metallurgy.  He has 30+ years of diverse experience in failure analysis and condition assessment of power-generating equipment, including boilers, piping, HRSG's, steam turbines, generators, and industrial equipment.  

Dr. Zhou's areas of expertise include welding metallurgy and technology, welding repair, weldability testing and design, creep testing and design, corrosion testing and design.  Also, he is an expert in metallography and fractorgraphy, microstructural interpretation, phase transformation and aging behavior of heat-resistant materials.

He has conducted extensive research on creep rupture of long-seam welded piping, such as Mohave, Monroe, Mt. Storm and Nine Miles.  His recent researches have been focusing on CSEF steels, including effect of manufacture practice on creep behavior of Grade 91, Grade 91 DMW's failure behavior, Grade 91 SCC behavior and low creep ductility issues of CSEF steels.

Prior to joining CES, Dr. Zhou served as principle metallurgical engineer at Alstom Power, Inc. He is also a member of ASM International and AWS.



Briar Faulkner - Materials Engineer

Mr. Faulkner is a graduate of University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science in Material Science & Engineering.   He has experience applying new engineering technologies to unconventional and new materials, testing samples, and analyzing the data collected on samples.



Harley Grant - Co-Owner / CEO

Mr. Grant's professional focus has been on the development and applications of coatings used for both corrosion and erosion protection in various industries, but with a particular emphasis on coatings for the power, pulp, and paper industries.  Mr. Grant has operated ATC for the last 28 years and is known industry wide for the equality and innovativeness of his product.  He has been awarded two patents related to diffusion coating, one for the localized diffusion of chromium into a component and one for diffusion of metals using microwaves as the source of heat.  

In addition to his professional activities, he has been very active in the support of issues critical to Native Americans, and he has been appointed to a number of both state and federal commissions tasked with addressing specific social and economic issues of vital interest to the Indian peoples.




Introduction to ATC-CES 2020 (pdf)


ATC-CES Quality Policy (pdf)


ISO 9001 Certification (pdf)


Experience with Grade 91 Material (pdf)


Current Issues with Grade 91 (pdf)


Pump Shaft Report (pdf)


Main Steam Supporting Lug (pdf)


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