Heat Treatment


ATC began its operation as a combined coatings and heat treating company and its technical specialists have accumulated more than 175 years of experience in these fields. In heat treating, ATC has an array of high temperature furnaces dedicated to the heat treatment of a wide rage of materials, such as most ferrous alloys, including austenitic, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels; many non-ferrous alloys, including aluminum and nickel-based alloys; and tool steels. ATC specializes in the heat treatment of those advanced pressure part alloys, like Grade 91, where precise control of temperature is critical to the performance of the material. Specific heat treatment protocols offered include: Quench and tempering, normalizing, annealing, solution annealing, stabilization annealing, tempering, stress-relieving, Post-Weld Heat Treatment and precipitation hardening. Our heat treating capabilities include: gas fired and electric furnaces, including a hydrogen atmosphere furnace. Heating zone sizes range from one cubic foot to 10 foot wide x 12 foot high x 35 foot long. ATC has received the necessary permits to clean polymer-infused components. ATC also has added a flame hardening capability to the heat treatment services offered. Supporting the heat treatment operation are six overhead cranes with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 15 tons.


Heat Treatment


Product being extracted from the furnace


Product being transferred from furnace bed to hooks in order to lower into the quench tank.


Product about to be lowered into the quench tank.

Large Component Heat Treatment


Large Component Heat Treatment


Large Furnace Capacity